# Sports Club Registration

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# Description

This template is ideal for any type of membership registration including any or all of:

  • Member's name + address, date of birth etc
  • Type of membership (e.g. Senior, Playing member etc)
  • Club required information, such as health information, or volunteering categories
  • Club policy declarations, e.g. Members Agreement, Contact Consent (GDPR Policy), Parental Consent
  • Payment additions, such as Gift Aid, Membership extras

# Ideal For

This annual registration is suitable for any organisation requiring membership, a few of which would include:

  • Football (Soccer) club membership
  • Athletics club membership
  • Cricket club membership
  • Netball Super League club membership
  • Ice Hockey club membership
  • Rowing club membership
  • Swimming club membership
  • Tennis club membership
  • Badminton club membership
  • Rugby club membership

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